IRS Problems?

Unlike many of life’s difficulties, IRS problems don’t simply go away by themselves. The ugly truth is that they only become worse as time passes. Penalties accumulate and interest accrues every single day that your IRS problems go unresolved, slowly but steadily eating away at your hard-earned dollars. IRS problems can quietly invade all aspects of your life, negatively affecting even your physical and emotional health through lost sleep and constant worry. And it does not matter how long you sleep or how far you travel to forget about your IRS problems – your IRS problems will never forget about you.

Ironically, IRS penalties were meant only to be a “slap on the wrist,” a gentle reminder to learn from past mistakes. But unfortunately, today’s penalties are so severe that most individuals find it nearly impossible to see a way out and get the IRS help they so desperately need.

You Can Not Live a Normal Life if You Are Always Looking Over Your Shoulder!

The longer you go without seeking IRS help, the more aggressive the collection attempts will become. That’s because the IRS does not care how your debt is paid. They will do whatever it takes – bank levies, wage garnishment, even seizing your assets and selling them at auction – to get their money back. They can even attack your pension, retirement, or social security check! And the worst thing about these collection methods is that they can prevent you from ever rebuilding your retirement funds or assets.

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There are ways to end your IRS problems now, but none of these solutions will work until and unless you decide to take that first step. If you have had enough of never being able to have the things that other people enjoy, of always waiting for that knock on the door, of putting your life on hold because of IRS problems, you are ready for a solution.

Our firm helps clients eliminate the misery of IRS debt with a host of available options, and you can explore them all right now by downloading our free “Getting IRS Help Now” report! It contains everything you need to know about resolving your IRS debt safely and legally. It just might end your IRS problems for good! To receive your free report please e-mail us using the contact form on the left.


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Learn how to end your IRS problems. Many taxpayers are at the end of their rope with no place to turn for solutions to ALL types of IRS problems. You and your family can put these IRS problems behind you, often for just a few bucks. So don’t delay! Get our Special Report today!

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  • You must not have the ability to borrow the money to pay the IRS; for example, by mortgaging your home.
  • You must not have adequate equity in your retirement account from which you can draw funds; for example an IRA or 401K accounts.

The specific payment plan that applies in your case may be determined by telephone with the Automated Collection System (ACS) or with an IRS officer in person. Who you negotiate with is determined by the amount of total tax liability involved. The IRS will not explain that! Beware! Monthly payments may be large and during the entire payment period the outstanding balance may be increasing due to added penalties and interest.

Have you really got anything to lose?

Most people already enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being debt-free. Why shouldn’t you? You owe it to yourself and your family to find out more about how to get IRS help. Don’t sit and wait for your IRS problems to go away; take your first step right now. Just call (866) 892-5586 or email us to schedule a free consultation, and we will show you how you can reclaim your life and put an end to the vicious cycle of IRS debt.

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